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In July of 2002, I visited Steamtown National Historic Site in Scranton, PA with my friend Bob and his daughters.  They have a wonderful collection of steam locomotives and run steam excursions (currently using a Mikado and a Pacific) from Scranton to Moscow.  I shot the pictures below; click on a thumbnail to see the picture in its full web size (640x480 -- I regret that, due to space limitations, I cannot present these photos in all of their megapixel glory).  A few videos that I shot at Steamtown appear on the Multimedia page.

steam-2002-001.jpg (34203 bytes) Big Boy #4012 greets you upon your arrival

steam-2002-002.jpg (33436 bytes) The face of Big Boy

steam-2002-003.jpg (28562 bytes) Up close and personal!

steam-2002-004.jpg (35689 bytes) The classic CNJ freight station

steam-2002-005.jpg (32386 bytes) An 0-4-0 tank engine

steam-2002-006.jpg (28557 bytes) An Alco RS-3 in freight service on the DL

steam-2002-007.jpg (36425 bytes) There's also a trolley museum

steam-2002-008.jpg (37096 bytes) The trolley awaiting its passengers

steam-2002-009.jpg (47048 bytes) A 4-4-4 Reading type steamer

steam-2002-010.jpg (51311 bytes) On the CP, these were called the Jubilee type

steam-2002-011.jpg (48091 bytes) CN 3254 prepares for the excursion steam-2002-012.jpg (38986 bytes) CN 3254, a Mikado, pulls into the station

steam-2002-013.jpg (44655 bytes) Here she comes!

steam-2002-014.jpg (52310 bytes) At Moscow, preparing to pull the return trip

steam-2002-015.jpg (50962 bytes) Switching onto the track
steam-2002-016.jpg (41114 bytes) Closeup of the 3254 running gear

steam-2002-017.jpg (35925 bytes) The numbers are applied rather than painted

steam-2002-018.jpg (39936 bytes) The steam chest and crosshead

steam-2002-020.jpg (28115 bytes) IC 790, a 2-8-0 Consolidation

steam-2002-021.jpg (25085 bytes) CNJ Bucyrus crane
steam-2002-022.jpg (30009 bytes) E.J. Lavino 0-6-0-T saddle tank steamer

steam-2002-023.jpg (42222 bytes) Another view

steam-2002-024.jpg (30552 bytes) Berlin Mills 2-4-2-T tank steamer

steam-2002-025.jpg (39369 bytes) 0-4-0-T saddle tank steamer

steam-2002-026.jpg (48540 bytes) CN #3377, 2-8-2 Mikado

steam-2002-027.jpg (48915 bytes) NKP Berkshire #759 in the roundhouse

steam-2002-045.jpg (50190 bytes) CP #2317 in the roundhouse

steam-2002-063.jpg (39182 bytes) Reading #2124, a 4-8-4 class T-1 Northern

steam-2002-066.jpg (64436 bytes) Bob's daughters and the Rahway Valley #15

steam-2002-067.jpg (63709 bytes) The classic face of the Reading T-1

steam-2002-028.jpg (26005 bytes) NKP Berkshire #759

steam-2002-029.jpg (38660 bytes) Spang Chalfont #8 0-6-0 switcher

steam-2002-030.jpg (39440 bytes) A better view ....

steam-2002-031.jpg (45054 bytes) The builder's plate steam-2002-032.jpg (22204 bytes) The other side is cutaway to show the innards

steam-2002-034.jpg (41848 bytes) DL&W hopper filled with anthracite

steam-2002-035.jpg (35094 bytes) Steamer getting ready for another run

steam-2002-036.jpg (46962 bytes) CP 2317 4-6-2 Pacific under steam

steam-2002-038.jpg (41917 bytes) PRR K4s 1361 under reconstruction steam-2002-039.jpg (41942 bytes) 1361 firebox
steam-2002-040.jpg (40117 bytes) Interior of firebox -- empty!!

steam-2002-041.jpg (36627 bytes) Welding work is ongoing

steam-2002-042.jpg (33546 bytes) CP 2317 in the roundhouse

steam-2002-043.jpg (34261 bytes) The tender

steam-2002-044.jpg (35107 bytes) Another shot

steam-2002-046.jpg (41244 bytes) A Lackawanna diesel switcher

steam-2002-047.jpg (41062 bytes) CN #47, a 4-6-4-T Hudson tank engine

steam-2002-048.jpg (41981 bytes) Another Canadian steamer in the collection

steam-2002-049.jpg (38689 bytes) Big Boy from the rear - still an elegant sight

steam-2002-050.jpg (41761 bytes) A close-up of the massive tender

steam-2002-051.jpg (31199 bytes) #3254 pulls back the last train of the day steam-2002-052.jpg (33381 bytes) Almost at rest steam-2002-053.jpg (35834 bytes) "You'll stop right here!" steam-2002-054.jpg (43481 bytes) The mechanical wonder of a steam locomotive steam-2002-055.jpg (39086 bytes) The engineer gets ready to pull out
steam-2002-056.jpg (32678 bytes) #3254 awaiting orders steam-2002-057.jpg (36580 bytes) The crew talks to the passengers steam-2002-058.jpg (24718 bytes) With a puff of smoke, she's off! steam-2002-059.jpg (21182 bytes) Grand Trunk #6039, a 4-8-2 Mountain class steam-2002-060.jpg (22434 bytes) The feedwater heater lends a classic touch
steam-2002-061.jpg (23942 bytes) Reading T-1 #2124, a 4-8-4 Northern steam-2002-062.jpg (22508 bytes) That's a long locomotive! steam-2002-064.jpg (26541 bytes) Rahway Valley #15, a 2-8-0 Consolidation steam-2002-065.jpg (30912 bytes) From the domes, you can tell this is an old engine steam-2002-068.jpg (35234 bytes) #3254 pushes its cars into the yard
steam-2002-069.jpg (34339 bytes) Making its way to the roundhouse steam-2002-070.jpg (28853 bytes) #3254 goes for a ride on the turntable steam-2002-071.jpg (39131 bytes) Heading for a rest in the roundhouse    

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